Church Management (CHMS)


Our software is an amazing tool that, if used in the context of good processes, can truly help you and the other leaders in your church improve your ministry efforts.Families and individuals are the heart and soul of your organization. Managing information about them is crucial. You need a trusted system to capture information, track participation, and simplify communication. That’s what our church management software is all about.

Core feartures of our CHMS

    Review your members' history, current contact info, family relations, and staff notes
    Quickly produce personalized emails or merged letters
    Create a pictorial directory for all members or a ministry group
    Generate census reports to learn more about your members
    Enable online giving and history records
    Find and recruit the right people to meet specific volunteering needs
    Monitor church response to stewardship campaigns
    Start new groups where needed and provide support to groups that need it

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